Sheba Promod

Sheba Promod

Sheba Promod is Keralan cookery teacher and food writer. She is now on a journey to share the light and unmistakable flavours of Kerala and the Malabar Coast with others. ‘Home cooked Kerala cuisine is unlike any other in India. Known as the land of spices and mecca of Ayurveda, our subtly spiced food offers fragrant, delicate and unforgettable flavours. It’s a true hidden gem.’

Sheba runs private and group cookery courses in Hertfordshire and London and also works as a freelance guest chef for cookery schools in the UK. She also hosts a Kerala and South Indian Supperclub in St Albans.


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  • Semiyya Payasam
  • Fish Molee
  • KeralaPrawnCurry
  • CoconutHalwa
  • carrothalwa
  • cabbage
  • Kerala Style Seared Steak Served with Radish Salad
  • Kerala Butternut Squash
  • Avocado and Curry Leaf Chutney
  • Mini Chicken, Cardamom and Black Pepper Cutlet Balls

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