Sumayya Jamil

Sumayya Jamil

Sumayya is a Pakistani food writer, cookery teacher and supperclub host in London. She was born and brought up in Pakistan and recently left the legal profession in London, to follow her passion for food. She is on a mission to spread the love of Pakistani cuisine and dispel the confusion of it being the same as Indian. Pakistani food is rich from it’s Mughal influences and additionally those of boarder cuisine of Afghanistan and Iran as well as it has developed it’s own unique flavours after partitioning from India in 1947 – the food is high on hauntingly aromatic meat based curries, simple vegetarian dishes, lots of BBQ food and many Persian inspired rice dishes and local regional breads.

Sumayya’s recipes are traditional and authentic but she sometimes twists them around by incorporating modern flavours, the home cooking she grew up learning from her mother and the influences from her many travels. Sumayya teaches cookery classes in London and across the UK, host’s Supperclubs in her home in NW London and also blogs at


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